NAVCOMSTAPHIL San Miguel Reunion Page
Last Updated on December 21, 2011

The 2011 NAVCOMSTAPHIL San Miguel Reunion is now over. It was held July 7 - July 14 2011 at Boyd Lake State Park in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. John Stetter came from Switzerland. John Liljequist made it from Singapore. Art & Helen Reimer flew in from Hawaii. Most drove thousands of miles round trip for the chance to relive old times and make many new memories. HUGE thanks to Rick & Nally Moore for coordinating the many events and food.

Mike Phillips came up with a design for shirts, mugs and possibly other memorabilia, pictures below. To order shirts, mugs and more for yourself. Download the command logo picture to the left. Go to either of these two sites ( or to place an order using the logo.

Reunion Slide Show

During the reunion we had a Friday night build your own pizza event. Rick made up homemade pizza crusts and everyone brought their own toppings. We had a photo slide show that included almost 1,000 pictures from back in the day. For many of us it was the highlight of the trip. You can grab every picture shown by downloading and extracting the zip files below. If you throw all the pictures in one folder and sort by name it will play as  a slide show much like we saw it at the reunion. Some pictures are pre or post "station ditto" days but were added as they include relevant scenery. If you were at the reunion and copied the pictures from Jake's USB drive then you already have everyone of these pictures.

1980 Miscellaneous   1983 04 Turn Two Dive Trip
1983 Miscellaneous   1984 03 USO Rock and Roll Show
1984 11 Bone & Jake Banaue Hike   1984 Miscellaneous
1985 01 San Miguel Scenery  

1985 03 Tri Star Dive Trip

1985 Miscellaneous   1986 07 Bone & Jake Bike Ride to Iba
1986 07 Jake Bike Ride to Olongapo   1986 07 San Miguel Base Scenery
1986 08 Jake's Reenlistment   1986 Manila Sights
1986 Miscellaneous   1987 Miscellaneous
1991 10 Capones Diving   Capones Miscellaneous
Olongapo Bands    

Reunion Awards List

Award Winner

Award Winner
  • MVP
Nally Moore - For everything! No Nally = No Reunion
  • Best Polo Naman
Mike Kennedy (He wasn't at the reunion but would have won anyways)
  • Best Filipino Night Dish
Josephine Jacobs - Fried Rice
  • Purple Heart Award
Rick Moore and his basketball sized swollen knee
  • Chemistry Award
Tori Zeigler's Mojo
  • Long Haul Award

John Liljequist, 20,526 miles - Singapore to Phoenix to Minneapolis to Denver to San Francisco to Singapore, with a 5 year old

  • Best Campfire Meal

Zig's Chili
  • Best Little Camper

Kai Liljequist

  • Still Pogi

Tie between Bone and Stetter
  • Hang Tough Award
Stefchak - 5 Nights of rain in his tent
  • Coolest RV

Mike Phillips toy hauler that converted from a garage to a dining room to a sleeper

  • AWOL Award
Jim Buckius - paid for his site and never showed
  • Grecian Formula Award

Jake - Not a single gray hair, hmmm

  • 1st to pass out

Jack Jacobs - Thank You Tori's mojo
  • Youngest Camper
Mike Phillips Grandson - 6 Months
  • Oldest Camper
GrandMa Zeigler - 91
  • Surprise Appearance Award
Doc Busko! Here's the proof
  • Mystery Steamer
The Old Guy who got in our Steamers photo
  • Sorriest Return Flight Excuse
The Carrier's - A Weather Delay
  • Best Return Flight Excuse
The Zeigler's - A 5 Beer Delay
  • Coolest Haircut
Mike Phillip's Grandson
  • Best Prank
Zig, Bone & Stetter pranking Jake that his van was broken after he spent $3K getting it ready for the trip
  • Horse Shoe Champion
Zig - And yes he has a horse shoe pit in his backyard
  • Best Potluck Beer
Miller, B's Homebrew
  • Linguist Award

Scott Poole - it's an R in park not an H
  • Best T Shirt

Jim Zint's classic San Miguel Beer shirt
  • I wanna Go Home Whiner Award
Jack Jacobs - Flew out early cause he missed his Girlfriend
  • Pyromaniac Award
Hays Prevost - Raging campfire 6 feet from Jake's van
  • MIA Award
Stefchak UA from the Group Photo
  • Biggest Ass

Tie between all the Park Rangers
Reunion Photos

Below you will find a mixed collection of photos from the reunion. Some from cameras, others from cell phones. Some good, some not so good. But I've left them all in the collection regardless. I will upload each days photos as I get them done. Scroll to the bottom for the next set.


Wednesday July 6

Most folks were travelling on Wednesday. If you have any photos to contribute send them to Tim

    Texas to Colorado    

Thursday July 7

Thursday saw folks arriving at the campsite and their hotels. Those Moore Grandkids had fun playing in the rain.


Friday July 8

First full day at the reunion for most. Started the day with a campfire breakfast. Finished the day with a Beer Potluck, Build Your Own Pizza, Reunion Slide Show Muster at one of the Park Pavilions. Following the pavilion muster we continued the festivities back at the campsites. Tori Zeigler's mojo (with real ESQ rum) started taking it's toll. John Liljequist broke out a rare bottle of Tanduay he dragged from Singapore. Later Jennifer Stadleman (formerly Busko) arrived and then the volume got real loud. That then got the attention of the overly friendly park rangers who poured out the full bottle of Tanduay. It was the first of many visits they would make over the next week. Guess they didn't like the Texas flag at the Jacobs/Zeigler campsites. Next muster everyone bring a state flag to really piss them off!




Click Here for Saturday July 9th Pictures